Youxing Shark’s New Year Message | This is the starting point of hope. May 2018 be a worthwhile trip!


Youxing Shark's New Year Message | This is the starting point of hope. May 2018 be a worthwhile trip!

Youxing Shark's New Year Message | This is the starting point of hope. May 2018 be a worthwhile trip!

Today, let us once again give time a sense of magnificence. This is the first time that Youxing Shark and you have met in this new year. The night is about to pass, and the sun rises quietly at dawn. From every vast frost and snow forest, every place is filled with firewood, rice, oil, salt and smoke, from the wet river sleepers in the south of the Yangtze River to the cold ice and snow window grilles in the north. This is the old The last night of the year, this is the first sunshine of the new year. May it kiss you, embrace you, warm you, and accompany you on the journey in the name of love!

Today, we will not review the cold data, review the cruelty of the economic environment, watch our competitors, and stop being frightened and walking on thin ice. Today, the shark just wants to warm your heart, care for your dreams, stand at the starting point of hope, and join you to embrace the new journey of 2018!

Today, in the face of the New Year, we are looking back and thinking passionately. In the past 2017, you may have experienced setbacks, but your dreams will always rise like the sun; you may have just lit a single spark, and I believe hope will always be like a bright moon.

We are born in the best time, we are in the time of faith, we are welcoming another spring of hope in the bright season!

No matter what kind of start you are about to usher in, I believe sweat is more nutritious than tears. You must dare to yearn, dare to live, dare to fight, dare to change! You have to stick to yourself, stick to truth, stick to kindness!

This is the starting point of hope. Dreams are not far away. It lies in our pursuit of a better life in the New Year, adherence to responsibility and quality, and continuous surpassing of service and technology.

In the new year, a shark will stand with you, just like a drop of water blending into another drop of water, like a beam of light surrounded by another beam of light. We know that only by brightening ourselves can we have a bright future for individuals; only by being clustered together can we embrace a brighter future.

Believe it! Let your dreams fly boldly! Everything should start from you and belong to you. Attributed to your life, your beliefs, your history, your meaning.

Dear Youxing Shark raw material suppliers, strategic partners, major terminal customers, distributors, every employee, every friend, I hope you will wait for happiness and embrace warmth in the new year. Together with the breeze, with the sun as the company, facing the sea, the spring flowers bloom.

Post time: Aug-11-2020