Some sharks “strictly guard + heavy defense” to build a safe fortress for resuming work and production!

Some sharks "strictly guard + heavy defense" to build a safe fortress for the resumption of work and production!

Some sharks "strictly guard + heavy defense" to build a safe fortress for resuming work and production!

On February 2, Youxing Shark received an urgent invitation for the supplies of the Leishenshan Hospital project

On February 3, Youxing Shark received an urgent invitation for materials from the Junan County People’s Hospital

On February 6th, Xingxing Shark received an urgent invitation for supplies from the Weihai New Infectious Disease Hospital

Starting from February 7th, Sharks have successively received supplies from the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhuhai Sun Yat-sen University, Huzhou People’s Hospital, Rizhao People’s Hospital, Lanling County People’s Hospital, Jining Infectious Disease Hospital, and Quzhou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Urgent invitation...

On February 8th, the Sharks "All Members Anti-epidemic Mobilization Meeting" was urgently held

"In the current national crisis, although we cannot go to the front line, we can contribute to the country. We will ensure the smooth arrival of supplies at all costs." At the all-member anti-epidemic mobilization meeting, Ms. Fang Zhenying, chairman of Youxing Shark, emphasized that all employees must ensure safety produce! The prerequisite for ensuring safe production is to have a deep understanding of epidemic prevention measures and epidemic prevention knowledge.

Therefore, at this meeting, Shark organized all employees to learn about the epidemic prevention knowledge, interpret government policies in depth, and formulate "one question, one spot check, one question and one explanation, everyone must memorize it." Strict learning disciplines, and work for safe production. Be prepared for strict prevention and control.

At the same time, in response to the government’s strict requirements for enterprises to be fully prepared for the five links of “information-commitment-approval-daily report-sampling inspections” for resumption of work, Youxing Shark urgently formulated and sorted out five data items on February 8. Submit an application for resumption of work.

"Youxing Shark's Application for Resumption of Work"

"Summary of Shark's Employee Situation"

"Non-hazardous Enterprise Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Safety Commitment Letter"

"The management system for the prevention and control of internal shark epidemics in the line"

"Business license"

On February 9th, the "anti-epidemic safety protection standard implementation plan" for sharks in the line was fully implemented

As the first-echelon production enterprise in Shanghai to resume work and production, Yuxing Shark must first ensure its own safety in order to ensure that it is safe to supply to the front line! In response, Youxing Shark quickly established an “epidemic prevention and control command center” led by the General Manager’s Office, and designated close-prevention health protection programs for employees’ actions before and after get off work throughout the day; implementing “care for employees, health "Check-in" health protection program; strictly implement the "three-strong standard"-strong policy implementation, strong action advancement, strong process supervision, and strictly implement the "one person, one job contract responsibility system", and the designated person for each anti-epidemic plan is put in place!

"Yu Xing Shark Company-wide Epidemic Prevention Implementation Standards"

"Management of Entry and Exit of Shark Epidemic Protection Personnel"

"Internal Environmental Sanitation Management and Disinfection System for Sharks"

"Emergency Handling Procedures for Shark Employees' Physical Abnormalities"

"Daily prevention and disinfection work records for sharks"

"Daily Body Temperature Test Supervision Record Sheet for Employees of Youxing Shark"

On February 10, Yuxing Shark officially resumed work and production!

Life is above everything! In order to ensure the safety of all employees, Shark has adopted the "rotation system" for the resumption of work and production. The current situation requires all employees to be in place, and non-essential positions are available online; a special team is established for emergencies, and non-emergency events are divided into four categories according to ABCD. Hold a special discussion meeting; the sales department focuses on caring for customers to resume work and production, and provide experience assistance when necessary, and the functional department takes full cooperation with delivery and production as the core, and strictly implements "prevention, control and elimination"-"protective measures, strict supervision, Control outside vehicle personnel, disinfect and measure temperature within one step, and kill all dangerous factors", so that no one vehicle or one person is missed.

Strictly implement the seven laws

Be sure to prevent and control without dead ends

All anti-epidemic items are fully prepared.

For anti-epidemic items, there are strict requirements for no omissions. It is necessary to ensure the smooth progress of resumption of work and production, and the safety of all employees must be guaranteed. A, thermometer B, disposable hand sanitizer C, disinfectant D, tissue E, spare mask F, air purifier G, thermometer H, 75% alcohol I, alcohol wipes


People coming and going are all controlled by districts.

In order to reduce the risk of exposure, some sharks have set up special areas for epidemic prevention items, foreign items, body temperature testing, and employee meals, etc., to conduct classified control and control.


Disinfection of the factory area is not lost.

The office area, production workshop, R&D center, and multi-frequency contact areas (such as door handles) are regularly disinfected by fixed personnel every day. Wipe with alcohol after each contact on the countertops frequently touched by personnel. Wipe and disinfect the surfaces of public supplies such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and water dispensers 1-2 times a day... For this, there is a “three do not let go” principle. Do not miss any area, do not miss any details, do not miss any risks.


Staff, all enter and leave for temperature measurement.

Some sharks strictly require that all staff must be quarantined for 14 days before they can go to work. Arrange regular staff to check the temperature of the staff to ensure that they are healthy before allowing them to enter the work area. During the office, a designated person will perform temperature checks on employees 2 to 3 times a day to ensure strict protection and no negligence!


All employees are isolated in a single room for meals.

Some sharks require all staff to eat in batches, zero contact, and long distance. Special areas are set up to provide staff with a safe and hygienic dining environment.


The responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control are heavier than Mount Tai. At the moment when the front-line medical staff sacrifice their lives to defend the lives of the people, the sharks will do their best to stand on their guards to ensure the continuous supply of anti-epidemic relief supplies and contribute to the protection of lives!

At the end of the year of Jihai, Gengzi's first year.

Ten thousand people were infected with the Jingchu epidemic.

The crowd was in panic, staying at home, and the alleys were uninhabited.

Qi said without clothes? The same clothes with the son, the same Ze with the son, and the same robe with the son.

In the past, the armies of the provinces with white helmets and plain armor went retrograde, and they did not retreat.

Today, there are sharks who are in a hurry, and help each other.

Kyushu is united, and those who can do their best.

I hope that the epidemic will be cured soon.

At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the voices were full of people,

The mountains and rivers are unharmed and worthy on earth.

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